Egging on the chicks with music

Christmas is a time when in-store marketing departments bid to outdo each other with dramatic festive displays, and this year visitors to the Harrods Food Hall are in for a special treat.

It might not be very festive, indeed it might be a bit close to the bone for people contemplating picking up a turkey, but a live “hen-cam” is currently beaming images of free range chickens to the discerning clientele.

But these are no ordinary chickens, the pictures come from Clarence Court farm, which was set up to revive traditional British speciality breeds of hen for egg production. And if that’s not enough, the birds may be even more animated than one might expect as the farm has recently installed radios around the pens to give the hens a bit of added stimulation.

The Diary will refrain from making any eggs-cruciating puns on the subject but it is told that the playlist down at the farm includes Crazy Chick by Charlotte Church, Bob Dylan’s Lay Lady Lay as well as tunes from Dixie Chicks, McFly and Jimi Hendrix.


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