Election of Mishon as ISP chair coincides with ‘inclusive’ revamp

Clive Mishon, the former chairman of the Marketing Communications Consultants Association (MCCA), has been elected as chairman of the Institute of Sales Promotion (ISP).

He takes over the role from Peter Kerr, managing director of agency Multi Resource Marketing, in December. The changes coincide with the retirement of Edward Mutton, the director-general, and a repositioning of the ISP to become more inclusive to specialist sales agencies.

The body will introduce a new logo and mission statement, as well as a new strapline “When promoting sales is your business”, designed to support the new positioning.

Mishon, who is currently ISP marketing director, says: “The new positioning and logo is designed to appeal to all marketers, regardless of the channel they use, who are in the business of promoting sales. Sales promotion is the creative content that promotes change in behaviour through a call to action to drive sales, regardless of medium.”

Industry insiders say that Mishon is the driving force behind the organisation’s repositioning, which is in part aimed at reducing the prominence of the term “sales promotion”, which has acquired a few “negative connotations” over the years.

Mishon, who has also been chairman of the Sales Promotion Consultants Association (now known as the MCCA), has been working in marketing services for more than 25 years.

He was a founder of sales promotion agency Clarke Hooper, and in 2001 set up Mentor Marketing & Investment (MM&I), an investment fund specialising in marketing services companies.


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