Electoral Commission appoints Farm and Glue

The Electoral Commission has appointed Farm and Glue to develop an integrated campaign aimed at reminding people to sign up to the electoral register.

Potential voters need to be on the electoral register by 19 May if they want to vote for the European Parliamentary and English local government elections to be held on 4 June.

Glue will work on the digital creative part of the brief. Experience will handle media planning and i-level online media. The pitch was overseen by COI.

The campaign will embrace television, radio, press, poster and online media channels.

Rob Cannon campaigns manager for the Electoral Commission says: “Our campaign aims to ensure that anyone who is eligible to vote in the upcoming June elections can do so by ensuring they are on the register.

“We have used humour throughout our advertising to increase impact to target a traditionally apathetic audience. Our strategy of ‘don’t let anything stop you’ demonstrates how easy it is to register and has performed well in research.”


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