Eloqua plugs prospects into CRM

Sales intelligence in the B2B market can now be embedded into CRM systems as a result of a new launch by Eloqua. Prospect Profiler provides a graphical summary of online activity and behaviour by prospects, enabling sales teams to focus on developing targeted and relevant communcations.

The application can be embedded into the contact record of sales force automation systems, summarising the information collected by marketing automation tools. Instead of traditional reports of prospect activity, sales teams can view web site visits, form data, email response and search activity reports at a glance.

“Prospect Profiler provides a glimpse into what we see as the next generation of marketing automation. It combines an intuitive, user-centric design with intelligent behavioral data that provides greater insight into buyer intent,” says Joe Payne, CEO, Eloqua. “Whether you are a first-time buyer of marketing automation or a long-time Eloqua client, you have got to see Eloqua Prospect Profiler. Nobody else has anything like it.”

The application has APIs for integration with most major CRM systems, such as Oracle, Microsoft and Salesforce.com. Reporting can be customised to provide drill-down into specific activities relevant to the use, with user-defined timelines and periods. Real time alerts can also be set up for trigger events, such as web site visits. It is currently on beta test and becomes widely available in mid-June.


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