Elvis’ leggy lovely goes out on a limb

The new boss of the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain is setting herself a bit of a marketing challenge: dispelling the stereotypes surrounding fans of The King.

Incoming president Julie Mundy, described in the nauseating press release to Marketing Week as a “26-year-old Long Legged Girl who incidentally wears short dresses”, is spear- heading a major relaunch of the Presley phenomenon. She says: “Journos always ask to see lookalikes or want to visit fans with shrines in their homes, but it’s this stereotype that alienates the younger fan and a label we wish to dispel once and for all.”

Ms Mundy, who is praised by her predecessor because “she has the right qualities – especially the legs”, has perhaps not realised that PR people love stereotypes too – especially a bimbo.


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