Email appending service launched

A new service that appends verified, opted-in email addresses to customer data has been launched. Email appending from CCR data involves a 20 million email address database held by the company that is then matched to a client’s existing customer file. Match rates of up to 10 per cent are typically achieved.

The service means clients can email exisitng customers that had previously been unreachable using data that is clean, accurately matched and fully permissioned. As part of the service, only receptive customers are appended, with matched customers sent a client-branded email offering them the opportunity to opt-out from further communications.

Melanie Gray, marketing director at CCR says: “The launch of our email append service, linked into our automated data clean provision, provides marketers with access to a substantial source of email addresses via a unique service that offers two levels of customer consent. We are pleased to offer such a unique service that can help our clients take their offline databases into the online world.”



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