Email marketing must be anticipated and relevant

I read with interest your article about email marketing (MW 4 February) because, despite a slight economic recovery at the start of the year, many companies are still looking to maximise their budgets with cost-effective forms of marketing – email being one of the most popular.

As the article showed, 50% of consumers globally have made a purchase as a direct result of an email. But the one factor that makes things more challenging for marketers is that consumers are more savvy over the use of their inbox. Marketers should not over-use email just because it is cheap. Instead, they should remember APR – all emails should be anticipated, personalised and relevant.

But for real effect, it is essential that any email marketing is integrated into the overall marketing mix. Lead generation gives you fully-qualified, interested consumers, which lead to high conversion rates. You will also benefit from telephone sales agents who can follow up emails.

Companies need to go further this year to ensure they have the right market balance, because having a mix of techniques that work together and complement one another can ultimately lead to higher conversion rates and an increased bottom line.

Kevin Rice, UK managing director, Clash-Media


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