EMAP boxes clever with Select magazine


EMAP is to distribute the December issue of monthly music title Select boxed along with a selection of snack products and heavy metal fortnightly title Raw, which is relaunched this week.

“Straightforward cover mounts no longer have impact – we wanted to try something different that had impact,” claims the titles’ publisher, Dave Henderson.

All of the 135,000 copies of the December issue will be boxed, he adds. Each box will be approximately three inches deep and contain Select, Raw, a can of lemon Tango, a Twirl bar and packet of Nik Naks. The package will be sold for the usual Select cover price: 2.

Henderson hopes the initiative will encourage sampling of the new-look Raw.

The fortnightly title will be repositioned between Smash Hits and Select and focus on new British pop music, he explains. Its cover price will be cut from 2 to 1.50.

The Select box goes on sale on November 1.

EMAP has experimented with three different covers for the latest issue of Mojo.

Smash Hits editor Mark Frith has been appointed as editor of Sky magazine. A replacement is now being sought. Smash Hits features editor Susie Forbes is to join Vogue in the new position of editor at large.



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