EMAP hires Pedigree Petfoods marketer

EMAP’s newly centralised sales operation headed by Tom Toumazis has hired a Mars-owned Pedigree Petfoods market manager, Frederique Hull.

Hull who has been at Mars for almost 11 years will be responsible for communicating the various advertising and sponsorship opportunities that exist across EMAP’s product range to media agencies, planners and clients.

The details of Hull’s role have yet to be finalised, but she says: “EMAP is keen to get closer to its customers and find new ways for advertisers to reach their particular target audience.”

The centralised sales operation will work across EMAP’s four market-focused networks, which were set up as part of a company-wide reorganisation last November.

The division will bring all consumer advertising across broadcast, magazines and the Internet into one division.

EMAP Performance is its music network, EMAP Elan the group’s lifestyle network, EMAP Esprit the group’s health network and Emap Automotive.

Ian Templeton has been appointed as new managing director at EMAP Active replacing Malcolm Gough who now heads Emap Automotive.


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