EMAP launches interactive ads for integrated video

EMAP Advertising is launching a technology that will allow interactive advertising to be integrated into online video ads. It is being used to promote Microsoft Xbox game Halo.

The patent-pending technology allows spinning logos, banners, picture-in-picture or scrolling text as part of a video screen. The interactive elements can be embedded in online video content to run before or during music videos and sports clips.

The campaign will include a spinning Halo 3 logo in the top right corner of FHM Entertainment videos from September 10 to October 7. The logo will launch 10 seconds into the video stream and users who click on the logo will be directed to the official Halo 3 website.

EMAP claims to be the first UK company to adopt the technology, which has been used in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Bruce Daisley, digital sales director at EMAP Advertising says: “This is an entirely new form of advertising. It enables us to place ads flexibly and effectively into our online video content. The opportunities it opens up for our advertisers are fantastic.”

EMAP Advertising partnered with online video developer Adjustables to create the technology.


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