EMAP shows its week spot for Network News

Diary was a little bemused to see VNU Business Publication’s ad for its new weekly title Network News.

Among all the predictable quotes from VNU publishers saying how wonderful Network News is, was one from a certain Tony Harris, managing director of EMAP Computing. As avid network press followers will no doubt know, EMAP Computing is the publisher of Network Week – the archrival of Network News. Odd then that Harris was quoted as saying: “Network News’ strength will be up-to-date information.”

Jolly sporting of him, thought the Diary, reading this charitable plug for the opposition in the EMAP title Media Week. But all was not quite what it seemed. “I was misquoted,” explains Harris. “But I left it because it was something which had long since been forgotten about.”

Not entirely forgotten though. At Harris’ insistence VNU is busy scribbling a humble apology for its deed on the Media Week let ters page.


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