EMAP to launch interactive digital radio ads

EMAP Advertising has signed a deal with film distributor Columbia Tristar to launch the first interactive digital radio ad.

The campaign, which will break at the end of the week, will support the release of action-thriller movie S.W.A.T., and will run nationally on Kiss via free-to-air digital service Freeview. The station will also run on-air activity.

The Independent Television Commission granted EMAP approval to launch enhanced screen services last month. Listeners will be able to access multiple pages of information and promotions by using the red button on their remote when they see the Kiss-branded screen.

A competition will run across the interactive service and on air, offering listeners the chance to win an action holiday, such as scuba-diving in the Red Sea. The competition deadline will be extended for Freeview listeners, who will also have access to exclusive information about the film, the prizes available and how to win the holiday.

The deal was struck by EMAP Broadcast innovations executive Ross Cunningham and Columbia Tristar’s acting promotions manager, Victoria Cox.

EMAP Advertising is also carrying out a cross-media promotion for the Citroën C2. The promotion, which aims to position the C2 as Citroën’s urban sports car, will run across a number of EMAP’s radio stations, magazines and websites including Kiss, the Radio City Network, FHM, Heat and newwoman.co.uk. The activity will also include C2-branded club nights.


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