EMAP unveils Insight

EMAP Advertising is launching a consumer panel to help identify new trends in media that can be exploited in advertising campaigns and media strategy.

The 10,000-strong panel, which is called The Insight, is made up of people aged between 15 and 45, recruited across a range of EMAP titles including Grazia, Kerrang! and Empire. The research will go live on November 15.

The members of the panel will be sent a monthly e-mail questionnaire about issues including new media, brand trust and the role of media in leisure time. The results will be reported monthly.

EMAP Advertising managing director Marcus Rich, describes The Insight as a "significant business investment designed to improve our insight offering, and the first new initiative to feed directly into EMAP2, our full services marketing communications team."

Advertisers that already work with EMAP will be invited to contribute questions that allow them to collect data on specific campaign creative and strategic plans.

EMAP says it hopes the results will inform campaigns at the development stage rather than just being used to test completed work.


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