Emirates launches Dubai-focused TV campaign

Emirates is launching a new global television and online advertising campaign featuring people who have businesses or are involved in the arts in Dubai

The campaign, created by Leo Burnett, has the strapline “Meet Dubai” and is designed to capture the unique and varied experience of living in Dubai from the perspectives of real people.

It is filmed in documentary style and also features Hollyoaks actor Kevin Sacre serving as the tour guide for the ads.

The campaign is devised to highlight what makes the destination unique, and the ads highlight souks and textile markets, art galleries, fashionable restaurants and resorts.

There are 14 spots of varying length and they will air on television outlets including CNN, CNBC, BBC World, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, Google, Yahoo and ESPN. The ads are and others. The first ad appeared on 27th September.

The sports can also be found on www.emirates.com/meet-dubai and www.youtube.com/EmiratesExperience.

“Some may question our launching this massive ad campaign at a time of economic turmoil around the world but Emirates is confident that there is nothing more important than investing to win new customers. We believe it will surprise viewers and bust certain myths about Dubai,” said Boutros Boutros, Emirates Divisional senior vice president, corporate communications.

“The ‘Meet Dubai’ campaign is a refreshing approach to advertising and, we believe, totally captures the essence of one of the most exciting cities in the world.”

The airline is currently reviewing its global advertising roster and recently appointed Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest to handle its UK business


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