EMIs Disney distribution deal hangs in balance

Disney is understood to be considering replacing EMI as the international distributor of its soundtracks. It is reported to have started talks with rival Universal Music Group.

The news will come as a blow to the struggling record label, which was bought by private equity group Terra Firma last year and has faced a series of job cuts and artists leaving the label.

The existing deal allows EMI to handle the music rights for major international films such as High School Musical.

It is thought that Warner Music, which held the contract before EMI took over in 2005, may also be in the running.

Guy Hands, EMI chairman, has announced that he was cutting about 2,000 jobs in January and it is understood that at least half the jobs will come from marketing (MW January 17).


Is advertising dead in the ME world?

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I was recently at a conference for digital marketing, and online advertising got a really rough ride. Naturally, there was a lot of discussion about social media, mobile andother wonderful content due to its talkability, but there is still a whole world of opportunity within the online advertising space.

Bandai extends Tamogotchi brand with Familitchi launch

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TimePlay to spend 250k on UK interactive cinema launch

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TimePlay Entertainment, a US company that exclusively provides interactive content for cinemas, is planning to launch in the UK. The concept means cinemas could allow audiences to use hand-held game controllers to interact with content, such as multi-player games or adverts, on the big screen. Multi-player games that use TimePlay’s product include game shows, variety […]


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