Employer Brands 2017: The best places for marketers to work

Marketing Week has carried out extensive research to make sense of the employment market and identify some of the best places in the UK for marketers to work.

Employer BRands

One of the content areas you have told us you want more insight on is personal and professional development. Our articles on these topics are some of the most read and valued.

But while Marketing Week is proud to be a rich source of job-related insight and analysis, we have always felt the marketing industry has been missing an authoritative resource – something to give marketers behind-the-scenes insight into the companies and departments that employ them, or that one day might.

Everybody has hopes and dreams for their career, but until you make the leap from one company to another, in reality you’re in the dark about what goes on behind closed doors in any company except your own. It makes job-hunting a daunting and sometimes hit-and-miss pursuit.

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That’s why we chose to set out on one of Marketing Week’s most ambitious and rigorous projects to date – an effort to get to the heart of what makes the best marketing employers tick. How do they set themselves apart? What is the experience of working there like? And why should you want to join them?

As you’ll see from our methodology, we have searched far and wide to make sense of the employment market. We have compiled our 15 brand profiles from looking at hundreds of companies. We depended on a range of publicly available data, survey responses from over a thousand employees and also, critically, first-hand engagement from employers themselves. Their openness to our scrutiny and the pride they take in communicating what they have achieved have been key to our research efforts.

Of course, this showcase isn’t only for those on the lookout for new opportunities. It also represents recognition for those companies that have put energy and investment into their employer brand, and a benchmark against which other employers can compare themselves. It is a chance to see what the top companies do well and what is most important to the talented marketers you want to attract and retain. After all, these are the people who make a decisive difference to your business.

We hope you’ll take inspiration from our list and will be keen to engage in the project in future years, to make this the indisputable authority on the UK’s best places for marketers to work.

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