Employer Brands

We combined publicly available brand valuation data and stock market indices to generate a pool of around 300 large branded companies, then used our own research and a reader survey to filter this down to a shortlist of 100.

Our next step was to contact all 100 companies to request their submissions. These consisted of responses to 32 questions, in which we asked them for data on the marketers they employ and the benefits they offer, and to describe programmes, practices and initiatives proving their commitment to areas such as diversity, wellbeing and marketing excellence.

We sent a separate survey to their employees, asking them to rate their companies out of five on 15 different metrics. Our final Employer Brands list was compiled by our entire editorial team, who collated and analysed all the data to write each company’s profile.

To preserve confidentiality, we have not published data we considered commercially sensitive, however companies willingness to provide this information was key to the project.