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You could be forgiven for thinking that Aviva’s UK CEO Andy Briggs was detailing what he expects from his marketing team when explaining what corporate success looks like in a recent interview with Marketing Week: “Businesses will win if they understand what is important to their customers [and] develop really strong propositions that meet those customer needs.” Briggs was clear who in the business would be driving success. “I see marketing as leading the charge on a lot of this,” he added.

Unusually for a financial services giant, marketing’s influence is deep and wide at the global provider. Aviva group CEO Mark Wilson is an advocate of marketing’s power to transform, a fact not lost on its marketers who rate the company favourably for the faith its senior leadership has in their abilities.

Social purpose is front and centre at Aviva and is seen by its marketers as one of the main reasons they are happy to work there. Aviva is particularly well known for its commitment to diversity and inclusion. Global brand director Jan Gooding was named its first global inclusion director this year.

Aviva invests time and money in diversity training, is a Stonewall top 100 employer and works closely with Job Centres. Its marketing team is 66% female and 34% male with an even gender split for senior marketing manager and director roles.

Marketers rate the benefits highly with annually paid bonuses, a voucher-based scheme that rewards performance called the ‘Spotlight’ award, flexible working, mentoring and other marketing capability training shining through.

  • Main location(s): City of London, Norwich, York, Bristol
  • Number of marketers: 100+
  • Marketing vacancies last year: 45
  • A good employer for: Benefits, social purpose, company’s view of marketing