Employer Brands



Heineken is one of a small but growing number of companies that understands why its brand is important not just to boost sales but to attract talent as well.

Its recent ‘Go Places’ campaign aimed to showcase its global influence and the scale of the company with the aim of convincing potential employees that the company is “like no other”, according to senior director Gianluca Di Tondo.

Heineken is best known for its eponymous lager, but its business stretches across 250 beer brands and 70 markets with products as varied as Foster’s, Bulmers and Amstel. That is one reason its staff rate Heineken so highly in terms of the varied work.

Company culture is also key to Heineken. It runs an annual engagement survey with a section dedicated to wellbeing and work-life balance, and has established principles around travel, email etiquette and working hours to ensure that balance is maintained.

Small tokens such as free fruit and ensuring staff take lunch breaks away from their desk are just as important as company-wide policies around physical health and mental wellbeing.

Marketing is clearly important to Heineken. Staff rate the company well for its high achievement record and role of marketing within the business – marketing director Cindy Tervoort is part of the UK management team.

Staff are offered development programmes such as mentoring and encouraged to attend industry events, as well as Heineken’s own events, to spread best practice and ensure the company is getting the best out of every employee.

  • Main location(s): Fitzrovia (London)
  • Number of marketers: 100+
  • Marketing vacancies last year: 35
  • A good employer for: Interesting work, workplace location, colleagues