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With a host of stellar brands to work on, including Pepsi, Walkers, Doritos and Tropicana, PepsiCo offers plenty of opportunities for marketers to practise their craft. The company scores highly among marketing employees for overall company culture, but also receives strong ratings for the quality of colleagues, salary and benefits.

PepsiCo has been at the forefront of brands seeking to boost their own content creation capabilities. This has seen the business invest heavily in internal content projects, as well as training for marketing staff.

In addition to creating more content internally for its own brands, PepsiCo is working on white-label film, music and video content that it can sell to distributors or advertisers for a profit. The aim is for PepsiCo’s brands to partly fund their own marketing through these additional projects.

All of these factors make PepsiCo an exciting and forward-thinking place to work, but the business is also keen to promote a strong work-life balance. Its ‘Summer House’ programme, for example, allows employees to take Friday afternoons off so that they can spend more time with their families.

PepsiCo also employs a health and wellbeing manager to oversee various initiatives throughout the year. The business offers free gym use within its office, discounted external gym membership and a cycle-to-work scheme. These factors helped PepsiCo achieve a rating of 4.3 out of 5 for overall company culture in the employee survey.

  • Main location(s): Reading (Berkshire)
  • Number of marketers: 50-99
  • Marketing vacancies last year: 18
  • A good employer for: Company culture, interesting work, salary