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RB (Reckitt Benckiser), owner of household names such as Finish, Durex and Cilit Bang, has a unique culture that is both “very fast” and “focused on hard business facts”, UK marketing director Becky Verano-Luri told Marketing Week recently. While expectations are therefore high, there is also a focus on development, with marketers encouraged to move between brand portfolios and adopt new skills.

‘Marketing breakfasts’ and ‘Inspire’ sessions give marketing teams the opportunity to absorb best practice from external speakers, and particularly to keep on top of the changes in the media and digital spheres. An incentive conference also takes place annually; Ibiza and Portugal were two recent venues.

There is an emphasis on meritocratic hiring to ensure the best candidates are recruited, while RB’s global Dare project is designed to attract, retain and develop talented women.

RB was named in Newsweek’s Top 10 Green Companies in the World, as well as Forbes’ 100 Most Innovative Companies in 2016. Innovation is always under way at RB, with Durex’s new ‘orgasm’ range and Scholl’s launch of tights among the biggest roll-outs this year. The company is also making big strategic moves towards zero-based budgeting, using econometric models to apportion media spend between different brands and channels.

It is a good time at RB for those seeking a challenge and people who rise to it can see generous benefits.

  • Main location(s): Slough (Berkshire)
  • Number of marketers: 50-99
  • Marketing vacancies last year: 12
  • A good employer for: Career progression, good results, colleagues