End of the line for ad agency?

Advertising types are forever talking about lines. Some describe their agencies as above the line, some as below the line, while most these days seem to operate through the line. But Quintessential Ideas’ new managing director Andy Melbourne is having none of this line nonsense.

Melbourne says: “We believe the concept of lines is not just unhelpful, it’s restrictive. Creativity doesn’t exist either side of the line, it’s beyond it… By choosing to ignore the lines which surround the creative brief in many other agencies, we release ourselves from any conceptual parameters.”

So far, so philosophical. But then Melbourne blows it, describing his own agency – which works in advertising, design, direct marketing and new media – as being “outside the line” proving that agencies just can’t manage to kick their line habit.


Intel shuffles UK marketing team

Marketing Week

Sean Riley, the UK marketing director of microprocessor giant Intel, has returned to his native US. Riley, who was with Intel’s Swindon-based subsidiary for a two-year secondment, has taken up the post of business unit manager at Intel in Oregon. He is succeeded by Henrick Hansen and Andrew Greenhalgh, who take on the role of […]

Londis plans first in-store cybercafé

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Londis, the convenience store chain, is to become the first UK food retailer to offer cybercafés in its stores. The symbol group chain, which has just under 2,000 stores in the UK – run largely by individual retailers, is offering its licensees the cyberstop@Londis concept for under &£2,000. Cyberstops will offer up to four PCs […]

Work escapes leave a trail of beach sand

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You are aged between 18 and 35. You work in marketing. You have to choose between your job and lounging on Bondai Beach. No contest? Seventy-one per cent of young professionals in marketing and sales flee the UK for a career break – more than any other profession. According to holiday company Austravel, 60 per […]


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