Energywatch accuses providers of limiting green energy

Energywatch, the consumer watchdog, has criticised E.on for limiting its renewable electricity supply to its customers. According to new figures from the watchdog, just 0.2% of the utility company’s domestic electricity comes from renewable resources.

The Energywatch figures, released today (June 17), show that “almost all” electricity generated from renewable resources is supplied to businesses. The watchdog says “swift action” is needed to help consumers make a choice about the green tariffs on offer.

Head of campaigns at Energywatch, Jonathan Stearne, says: “If E.on is typical of the industry, and we suspect it is, then domestic consumers have extremely restricted choices.”

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs outlined plans to make the green tariff market “clear” to both consumers and businesses yesterday (June 16). Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has also asked energy regulator Ofgem to provide detailed guidelines with a view to developing a rating system.

Stearne adds: “Government and industry have a huge challenge ahead if they are going to satisfy the growing consumer demand for electricity from renewable resources.”


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