English Tourist Board draws up pitch list

The English Tourist Board is reviewing its advertising for short breaks brand Great Escapes and has shortlisted agencies in the run up to a pitch in November.

The account is currently held by Impact FCA!

A 500,000 press campaign launched last month targets career couples, families and elderly couples. It is running alongside a direct mail campaign.

Impact FCA! has held the account for more than two years. Director of account management Mike Dommett says the agency is “not surprised” by the review, which it sees as part of a regular process. The agency hopes to be included on the pitch list.

The selected agency will move the present campaign into its third year by promoting holidays for the 1996 to 1997 season.

ETB’s general manager for England, Andrew Maxted, who heads the marketing department, confirms that the organisation has shortlisted agencies. It wants a decision by Christmas.


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