Enlightened leap for freemasonry

The Freemasons are finally dragging themselves into the 20th century just as the rest of us prepare to leap into the 21st.

Great efforts are being made by the brotherhood to convince us they are not a secret society “obsessed with rank and entrenched with stultifying attitudes” in “this new era of openness and plain speaking”.

Additionally, it’s high time the media stopped trying to “prove the existence of some exoteric (sic) secrecy which just is not there”.

Or so says Tobias Churton, editor of “world leading masonic magazine” Freemasonry Today.

And to prove his point, the current issue contains worrying photos from an 18th century lodge ceremony re-enactment showing a white-wigged fellow in a butcher’s apron brandishing a poker.

Then there are tales of someone called Wolfgang striking up “more than a casual relationship” with a brother called Erwin and a feature likening the ancient hermetic mysteries of Eygpt to the customs of freemasonry.

Very enlightening stuff.


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