Entrepreneurs launch ‘Skype’ of cheap text

Former Philips and Samsung marketer Phil Jones is launching a service to allow mobile phone users to send text messages for next to nothing.

Jones has teamed up with ex-telecoms journalist Stuart McWilliam to launch Tex2, which they describe as “the Skype of text messaging”. Rather than using short message service (SMS) texts, Tex2 sends messages from phone to phone using the internet.

Users download a small programme from the Tex2 website. Messages are then sent for less than a penny, rather than through the networks’ texting routes, which can cost up to 12p a go.

Jones says: “In trials, people have texted all evening for less than 50p with that money going to the networks. We don’t see a penny.”

The company is in talks with several brands about putting their logos on the Tex2 screen.


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