Ericsson launches football-themed consumer campaign

Ericsson is launching its first ever consumer campaign online timed to coincide with the World Cup, offering football fans the chance to cheer for their country.

The telecoms brand has set up a social media campaign that is aimed at engaging football fans by creating a collective online celebration for each participating country.

Fans can send cheers for their teams via text messages, Twitter or through the Ericsson Big Cheer website. These cheers are then collected and printed on confetti and released in a giant glass cube.

After the games, all the cheers will be collected and delivered to the teams, to show them that their fans were watching and actively supporting them.

“This is the first time that we have created a consumer-facing campaign, for all those who actually benefit from what we do. We wanted to use our expertise in technology to give supporters and fans across the globe a tool for cheering for their teams, no matter where they are,” says Dwight Witherspoon, head of marketing communications at the business unit multimedia for Ericsson.

“We know that even one cheer can make a weary player work harder, and as an enabler of global communication we can make this a football event to be shared.”

Every time a goal is scored at the tournament, powerful ventilators inside the cube will whip up the individual confetti-cheers into a colorful salute, bringing the passion of fans around the world to life.

Fans can see a live feed of the glass cube and will also be sent a link to their cheer to share with friends and other fans.



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