ESCA International Award

Winning sponsor: Guinness


Project: Rugby World Cup 1999

Sponsor: Guinness

Entered by: Octagon Marketing

(See Sponsor of the Year)


Project: Cricket World Cup 1999 – Global Partner and Official Airline Australian Team Sponsor

Sponsor: Emirates

Entered by: Karen Earl Limited

The project included press conferences for the ten teams flying into the UK, branding on shirts and kit. Awareness increased from two per cent to 20 per cent and awareness of Emirates as sponsor of the CWC increased from six per cent to 55 per cent.

Project: Spa Regatta

Sponsor: Spa

Entered by: Trefpunt Sports & Leisure Marketing

In 1982, when the Spa Regatta was first conceived, Spa was already the leading mineral water brand in the Netherlands, with a 45 per cent share of the market. Spa has been able to use the Regatta as a springboard for product launches and marketing campaigns. Spa currently has 53 per cent market share and 96 per cent spontaneous awareness. Spa believes it has tackled its reputation as a mainly restorative drink and created a more healthy image that is associated with sport and enjoyment.


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