Etihad Airlines reassures fliers anxious over volcano crisis

Etihad Airlines has taken out full page newspaper advertisements under the banner “Here’s to clear skies” as flights continue to be disrupted across Europe due to volcanic ash.

Etihad Airlines
Etihad Airlines

The airline’s reassurance ad, signed by CEO James Hogan, explains how the situation is “beyond our control” and says “But we can control our response. My teams across the world are working around the clock to help assist stranded passengers.”

It goes on to give details of the website address of a helpline number and finishes with the line “Nothing is more important to us than the safety and comfort of our guests, especially in such difficult times.”

It has appeared in the Financial Times, the London Evening Standard and elsewhere.

British Airways says that it has no immediate plans to launch a reassurance campaign.

Train and ferry operators have been quick to market their services with the East Coast trainline running an ad headed “Until the dust settles.”

It explains how the train operator has added more trains and increased capacity on existing services.

Some domestic flights have now taken off from the UK but there is uncertainty surrounding a new ash cloud originating from the Icelandic volcano that erupted last week.


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