Euro channels plan joint marketing push

Pan-European channels, including CNN, Eurosport, MTV and NBC Super Channel, are considering joint marketing initiatives to improve selling pan-European television to advertisers.

Sales directors from the main channels meet at the offices of MTV Europe later today (Wed-nesday) to consider a number of options which could include a joint media conference, or even a joint trade advertising campaign.

“We have agreed in principle that we have objectives in common. Now we need to think about what we can do,” explains MTV senior vice-president, advertising sales Boris Kaz.

Despite growth in the number of pan-European channels, with the launch earlier this year of BBC World, BBC Prime and European Business News, many senior executives believe the market is underdeveloped.

“The pan-European media market has plenty of scope to expand,” Kaz believes. “Much depends on the structure and approach of advertisers. At the moment, each channel is talking individually to clients. Working together could give us all more credibility.”

The sales directors’ initiative was launched earlier this year and three meetings have so far been held. Meanwhile, separate discussions about the viability of the channels jointly funding new pan-European TV audience research continue.

The latest developments have been welcomed by advertising agencies, many of which have criticised the lack of standard data about pan-European TV viewing.