Eurostar and Eurotunnel to rejoin forces


Eurotunnel and Eurostar are poised to resuscitate joint marketing initiatives, following the appointment of a director of railway relations.

Jim Evans joins from FL 2000, a consortium which is bidding for the soon-to-be privatised BR freightliner network.

His brief includes working on joint marketing and forecasting initiatives. At the same time, Eurotunnel has announced the ap- pointment of Bill Dix as new chief commercial officer.

Dix, former group vice-president of marketing, sales and information services for Avis Europe, has run his own business since 1993. His ap-pointment comes eight months after the departure of former commercial director Christopher Garnett.

Although legal proceedings have hampered joint initiatives with the railways in recent months, The International Chamber of Commerce is to make a decision on Eurotunnel’s request for arbitration between itself and the railways within the next few weeks to clear the air.


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