Eurostar expands web content

Eurostar is positioning itself as a leading travel portal by increasing online marketing activity and content, including the launch of a European trip planner to help travellers create and share holiday information and itineraries.


The cross-Channel train company has appointed Bigmouthmedia to manage its multi-million-pound pan-European combined search account as it increases search’s share within its overall marketing mix.

It will use search as the backbone of a direct campaign, including email activity, driving people to the trip planner, which has launched in beta.

The site currently provides sample itineraries, detailed information on attractions and venues, as well as transport and currency information. Visitors can use a Google Maps mash-up to plan their trips and share the details with friends and family.

Eurostar’s head of ecommerce and customer management, Matthias Mahr, said the plan was to include submissions from staff and third parties, as well as to seed its own content on social networks.

“We see ourselves as experts for the destinations we serve,” he said. “So when people go to Paris with us we can given them a flavour of what to expect and help them plan their trip rather than just book trains.”

Mahr added that Bigmouthmedia’s appointment was a recognition of the power of search in the travel space.

“Historically we haven’t invested that much in search in terms of our overall marketing, but that will definitely increase,” he said. “It has produced very good results for us.”

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