Look back and learn best practice and gain a fresh perspective on the number one concern for all marketers: effectiveness. Watch Festival of Marketing’s virtual series, The Currency of Effectiveness, a must see event where you’ll discuss:

How effectiveness should be defined. How effectiveness should be measured. How effectiveness should be communicated.

Helping you deliver greater impact, and increase the influence and credibility of the marketing profession.


Five engaging sessions with a range of formats… We covered a mix of case study, applicable insight and challenging polemic from our roster of thought leaders and top marketers.

Each session has senior marketers with a wealth of insight and experience from B2B and B2C brands in several categories; contrarians and fresh thinkers; and C-suite veterans.

Offering you insights around meaningful measures of success, making the case for investment and optimising spend, the value of creativity and distinctive assets, and more.


Look back on each episode in the series:

what works Join us for insights on levers for brands to achieve greater effectiveness from three experienced experts in a state of the nation address. Monday 20th of March, 2:00PM Find out more
MADE TO MEASURE Three marketing luminaries present best practice insights for measuring and monitoring marketing effectiveness Tuesday 21st of March, 3:00PM Find out more
Making the case Learn from 3 successful brands how they framed their narrative, engaged stakeholders, and communicated success by getting the right people on board Wednesday 22nd of March 4:20PM Find out more
BEYOND ADVERTISING Beyond promotion, marketers must understand and measure effectiveness. Join us to explore levers for improvement. Monday 27th of March at 2:00PM Find out more
More from less Learn from 3 marketers at innovative brands who prioritize evolving company needs and extract maximum value through cost-saving, innovation, and partnership, showing effective marketing doesn't always require a big budget. Tuesday 28th of March at 11:00AM Find out more