Our exclusive invite-only event for CMO’s and Marketing Directors is curated by Editor in Chief, Russell Parsons. Marketing Week’s Leadership Summit illustrates what good looks like for marketing leaders. Split into three sections exploring the means to drive greater impact, gain more influence in your organisation and inspire your team, the Summit provides an opportunity to step outside the everyday.

Thought-provoking live sessions share fresh and insightful perspectives on leadership matters, and roundtables provide an opportunity for you to learn from peers and share your experiences with up to 45 leaders from other sectors.

The nature of this event helps facilitate connections, with plenty of dedicated networking time throughout the day. Grow your support network, share your insights and point of view, as we provide a space for learning and catharsis.



INSPIRING KEYNOTE SPEECHES Insightful presentations from inspirational speakers leading the conversation across a wide range of topics. From the marketing and business landscape to pushing the boundaries of human resilience, each session is carefully curated to help tackle current business challenges as well as looking to and preparing for the future.
INTIMATE BREAKOUT SESSIONS Stimulating discussions via our roundtables. Small intimate groups tackling some of the biggest challenges marketers face today from AI and growth to skillsets and strategy.
NETWORK WITH YOUR PEERS Throughout the day there are multiple options to step outside the everyday and make new connections across the marketing industry. This invite-only event is tailored for a select group of 45 CMO's and Marketing Directors, making it the perfect opportunity to share thoughts, experiences & to challenge your peers.





Delivering sustainable growth

What does good look like for marketing leaders? In this section we will look at the challenges around delivering sustainable growth.

CEO of Giffgaff Ash Schofield will join other CMOs turned CEOs, to explain what c-suite peers need from marketers, and how to achieve it.

In the roundtables that follow, share experience and best practice with peers on subjects including the measurement, communication and definition of effectiveness and key growth opportunities and challenges.


Securing stakeholder engagement

Perhaps the biggest challenge marketers face is internal marketing. In this section we will look at how to better engage stakeholders to build more effective relationships with c-suite peers.

Jeremy Connell- Waite is a storytelling expert and will offer a masterclass in getting buy in from  your c-suite peers. As global communications designer at IBM, it is his job to advise leaders on storytelling to create better pitches and presentations. Calling on this expertise, and the hours he spent studying and writing about oratory, he will present a masterclass in engagement.

In the roundtables that follow, we will share experience and best practice with peers on subjects including budgeting and planning, internal marketing and managing expectations.


Manging self and team

In order to inspire others, leaders must manage themselves. In this section we will look at how to manage time, resources and in turn, be better equipped to help others realise their potential.

Emma Harris is an accomplished business founder, and CMO but she will speak on a topic she is passionate about more than most – the need to “Slow the fuck down”. After suffering a cardiac arrest two years ago, Harris started a movement, to convince leaders everywhere to do what was necessary to avoid burnout and manage yourself better to ensure you can better serve others. She will talk about her own experience, what she has learned and what leaders should be doing differently to be more effective.

In the roundtables that follow, we will share experience and best practice with peers on subjects including managing time and resources, team management and leadership and change management.


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