Marketing Week’s Leadership Summit returned this month with another insightful and inspiring event.


Industry experts were joined in an exclusive, face to face day event that was carefully curated to inspire and inform CMOs and Marketing Directors.

Thought provoking live sessions were shared with fresh and insightful presentations covering our three key areas; Grow your brand, Grow your business, and Grow yourself followed by stimulating roundtable discussions. 

BUSINESS GROWTH How do marketers lead for customers and company and drive return for both? And how do you marry brand and business strategy for commercial success in a challenging environment? During May's Summit, we discussed marketing’s role in growth, and how to achieve it in 2023 and beyond.
BRAND GROWTH What are the key levers to pull on to drive brand growth, and what should be avoided? We looked at what are the building blocks of successful brand strategy. From diagnosis to positioning, from training to tracking we unpicked what’s required to make your brand a success in 2023 and beyond.
SELF GROWTH Greater demands are being put on leaders but in a complex and challenging environment , how can you develop your skills, and the capability of your teams? We explored the key components that make for better leaders and how developing your teams and self can impact commercial and career success. 

Session Content

Marketing Week’s Marketer of the Year and Natwest CMO, Margaret Jobling, joined Editor-in-Chief for Marketing Week and Festival of Marketing, Russell Parsons, for a wide ranging, and frank interview. Jobling discussed her current role at Natwest where she has executed a company-wide purpose, to what marketing needs to better demonstrate effectiveness.

During our second session, futurist Theo Priestley explained the impact AI could have on marketing and offered invaluable insights on staying ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field for our business growth themed session.

Our last session welcomed world record holder for the furthest solo, unsupported, one-way polar expedition, Preet Chandi. In this inspiring session, Chandi shared what she has learned from her experiences and how this has helped her find her values, and offered practical tips on how leaders can realise their full potential.