The Marketing Week Masters celebrate marketing effectiveness, creativity and innovation.

Get your successes recognised by key figures across the industry. Some of the biggest, most experienced names from a variety of the UK’s biggest companies are on the jury.


Creativity & Innovation

Did the project demonstrate more than just best practice? Did you use a new or innovative approach to achieve the objectives?

How effectively was the project executed and implemented to produce exceptional performance?

Objectives & Strategy

Were the project objectives clearly stated and did the team have an understanding of how the objectives relate to longer-term business objectives?

What strategy was used to achieve the objectives? How tailored was the project activity?

Effectiveness & Business Results

How successful was the project in relation to the original objectives?

Results can include brand awareness, increased sales and sustainable competitive advantage. Proving effectiveness is crucial, so return on investment should be used wherever possible to allow large and small projects to compete on an equal footing.

Robust data is required. If you have queries regarding confidentiality, please read the below policy on commercial confidence.

Commercial Confidence

It is very important that you fully complete the entry form. In particular, details of budget and results should be provided. The more information you supply, the better the judges will be able to assess your entry.

For the purposes of judging, all information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be viewed by the Awards Jury. However, in any editorial write-up about entries some information may be needed from the written entries. Any information that is commercially sensitive and which may not be used in an editorial write up should be inserted into the field marked ‘Confidential Information’.

The Marketing Week Masters champion the innovation, creativity and effectiveness of your campaigns.


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