Every credit for fair trade cause

Congratulations. Your Cover Story on ethical trading “Growing pains” (MW April 3) demonstrated vividly the growing influence of “fair trade” on the market of the Nineties.

It also highlighted the important difference between fashionability, short-term PR and real concern and action for the plight of producers in Third World countries.

The person who will spot the difference is, of course, the customer. Beliefs such as “Trade not Aid”, as espoused by The Body Shop, and Fair Trade, based on self reliance as practised by Traidcraft, will win the day. Traidcraft advances credit to Third World producers which would otherwise be denied it and establishes relationships with these producers, thus cutting out the middle man.

Through a network of representatives, retailers and mail order customers, three key categories – foods, crafts and greetings cards – generate sales which allow this credit to be maintained. Trading for a fairer world is important. Please continue to spread the message.

Tony Jones

Sales and marketing director




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