Everything Everywhere has double brand vision

Orange and T-Mobile joint venture unveils name of umbrella brand as vice-president maps out future.

Orange: Will remain as a brand in the UK mobile market

Everything Everywhere, the name of the parent company for the joint venture between Orange UK and T-Mobile UK, is likely to be developed as a consumer-facing positioning line.

The two telecom companies will unite under one banner from 1 July but will retain their own brand identities, with the caveat of a review in a year’s time. Everywhere Everything believes it can segment the brands and says it is “aiming to allow delivery of best value, best choice, best coverage and best quality in the industry”.

Steven Day, currently chief of staff and communications for Orange, will become vice-president of brands and communications for Everything Everywhere.

He told Marketing Week: “We will work hard to ensure the multiple brand strategy works for both these brands.

“We may use the Everything Everywhere name to support marketing materials on both brands so consumers know the benefits we have to offer.”
Day adds that the new holding company name also serves as its vision, which it hopes to feature in ads without losing the “fun” that the brands are associated with.

Day says the two brands represent different personalities, with Orange having a “premium element” and T-Mobile offering a more “straightforward, value-orientated” proposition.

The marketing departments for both brands will remain in-house, but will be split into brand teams. Guillaume van Gaver, vice-president of marketing, will head marketing for both brands. Mark Duncan will be vice-president of sales and loyalty and Andrew Ralston will be chief commercial officer. Lysa Hardy, head of brand and communications at T-Mobile UK, will become vice-president of T-Mobile Propositions.



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