Everything Everywhere ramps up mobile TV offer

Everything Everywhere is developing its mobile television platform as part of a series of changes that are designed to meet the estimated “six fold” increase in mobile viewing over the next three years.


The telecoms provider has partnered with Red Bee Media to produce a mobile TV delivery platform to serve live streaming video content to its customers. The platform will deliver content from more than 40 channels including: ITV1, Sky Sports 1, Eurosport and CNN.

The new platform is set to introduce mobile streaming on tablets for the first time and will also optimise content depending on each individual mobile handset.

Paul Jevons, director of products at Everything Everywhere, says the TV delivery platform is “just the start” and adds that there will be several significant developments planned for the service over the next 12 months.

He says: “We’ll also be looking at new technologies as they become available, including the ability to stream 3D content to handsets with 3D capable screens – so our customers will continue to receive the best services we are able to offer them.”

Everything Everywhere claims Orange was the first brand to introduce mobile TV in 2005, while T-Mobile has offered a service since 2007.

The company says the focus on mobile TV is to meet the “growing appetite” for “snacking” on the go when it comes to TV viewing. Everything Everywhere predicts a six fold increase in its mobile TV subscribers by 2014.

Sky recently launched an integrated web and mobile service, Sky Go, that allows its customers to watch TV content online and on their portable devices at no extra charge.


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