Ex-water body chief blasts UK soft drinks trade for lack of promotions

The former chairman of the National Mineral Water Association has hit out at the British Soft Drinks Association for not promoting the benefits of the bottled water sector.

Ian Hall previously headed NMWA, the now defunct body whose responsibilities have been subsumed in the BSDA which represents the UK soft drinks industry’s interests.

Hall has called on the BSDA to launch a “strong campaign” to promote the benefits of the bottled water sector which he says it has not supported enough.

Issues that need to be promoted, according to Hall, include bottled water’s environmental benefits, its health record and the fact that bottled water is safe to consume without disinfectant.

He says: “They should provide information to demonstrate that all bottled water companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.”

He adds the BSDA needs to react to the stance taken by water utility companies, which he remarks have been strong at arguing the ecological case for tap water.

Hall admits that the BSDA has a large brief, which makes it difficult to give sufficient voice for the bottled water industry.

The BSDA claims its Bottled Water Information Office, which it has recently set up, provides authoritative information on the benefits of drinking bottled water.

It adds: “There is a real need to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to know as much about bottled water as possible”.

The Bottled Water Information Office has the backing of Coca-Cola Great Britain, Danone Waters and Buxton Natural Mineral Water, among others.


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