Experience is the best way to win customers

I read Alan Mitchell’s article (MW May 13) with interest and, while I agree with the majority of J Walker Smith’s and Alan’s comments, I am surprised that a key and growing element of the communications mix seems to have been overlooked.

With revenues amounting to more than $100bn a year, experiential marketing is providing marketers with a way of connecting consumers to their brands when other traditional methods have become less effective.

In the Experiential Marketing Survey 2003, commissioned by Jack Morton US in October, experiential marketing was found to make advertising work harder with nine out of ten consumers saying participating in such marketing activity makes them more receptive to advertising messages. Additionally, 43 per cent of women said participating in a live event would make them buy a product more quickly.

Creating a great brand experience is about putting consumers in control. It’s about bringing the brand to life in an interesting and involving way and then inviting consumers to physically opt in and take part, which they are doing in considerable numbers.

Rachel Kemp

Marketing and development director

Jack Morton Worldwide

London W3


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