Express mailing blitz to target gardeners

Express Newspapers is targeting gardening enthusiasts with a direct mail campaign which launches days before the Chelsea Flower Show.

Created by Evans Hunt Scott, the mailshot offers recipients the chance to win a trip to see Monet’s garden in Giverny, near Paris, by filling in a questionnaire.

Recipients can also dial the newspaper’s call centre to win tickets to go to the Chelsea Flower Show, which starts on May 25, as a guest of The Express.

The mailing, which also contains discount vouchers for The Express and Sunday Express newspapers, directs recipients to a competition being run in the newspaper to win a 5,000 designer garden.

Richard Miller, sales director of circulation, says: “We are talking to readers who have expressed an interest in gardening.

He adds: “Most of my efforts are concentrating on Express readers and boosting frequency.”

The Express will have a garden at the Chelsea Flower Show designed by James Alexander-Sinclair called “horti-couture”. Work wear for the gardener, designed by fashion designer Bruce Oldfield, is being sold through the newspaper.

On Saturday, The Express launched a glossy partwork called Century, which will appear for a further three weeks. The 36-page glossy partwork looks back over the past 100 years.


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