Fabergé man is fixed in fast lane

Damon Hill may no longer be much of a presence on the Grand Prix circuit, but his lookalike from Elida Fabergé, marketing manager Simon Bell, caused quite a stir in last week’s final heat of the ITV F1 Go-Kart Challenge.

The race was won by a team from the RAC, followed by Elida Fabergé and media buying agency Motive. They go through to the grand finale, which will be filmed for possible broadcast during ITV’s coverage of the final Grand Prix in Spain.

Sources inform the Diary that ITV was secretly relieved when a team from sales house TSMS failed to qualify. With drivers from sales houses Laser and Carlton already through, a cynical observer might have muttered the word “fix”.


Condomania hits retailers with Net offer

Marketing Week

Condomania, one of Britain’s leading condom wholesalers and mail order retailers, has launched a Web-based condom supermarket, offering a 25 per cent discount on high street prices. The site (www.condoms4u.com) allows customers to order from a range of 1,500 product lines, including all well-known UK condom brands, alongside a range of other European and US […]

Jet axes loyalty to fight on price

Marketing Week

Jet plans to fight the increasing dominance of the supermarkets in the petrol sector by axing its Jet loyalty scheme in favour of price cuts. The petrol retailer, which is the sixth largest in the UK, is expected to announce next week that it will end its three-year Jetcash loyalty promotion on December 31. A […]

Coffee brand Douwe Egberts to sponsor C4’s Frasier show

Marketing Week

Coffee brand Douwe Egberts is to sponsor the comedy programme Frasier, the second Channel 4 show it has associated itself with in a month. The upmarket brand, owned by Sara Lee, will sponsor the last nine episodes of the US comedy, beginning this Friday. The deal is understood to be worth 350,000. Earlier this month, […]


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