Facebook bolsters ad offer

Facebook has launched three social ad formats that show when members’ friends have Liked posts, apps and websites.

The social network launched its Sponsored Stories ad units in January, which use activity your friends have had with brands on the social network within the ad creative.

The three new formats will include the option for brands to show within paid ads when a user’s friends have Liked a post by a brand, used an app or a game or Liked a domain outside Facebook.

The social network and agencies using the Facebook ad API claim that ads with social context – for example, showing that a friend has already Liked a brand – are more effective than display ads without such functionality.

The ads are now available to use on the site and agencies such as Efficient Frontier, Essence, TBG Digital and Techlightenment, which use the Facebook ad API, are now implementing the formats.

Meanwhile, reports suggest some Facebook employees and early investors are looking to sell their shares in the social network. Reuters said the group is hoping to sell off almost $1bn (£600m) at a price that would value the company at $90bn (£53.9bn).

This story first appeared on newmediaage.co.uk
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