Facebook expands its preferred agencies list in the UK

Facebook has widened the list of recommended agencies developing apps and tools for the social network to include nine agencies from the UK.


The preferred developer programme, which aims to help brands, organisations and individuals build apps and pages and use Facebook Connect, has expanded from 15 agencies to 50, spread across 15 countries.

The original list had two UK-based agencies, including London-based iPlatform, but now includes nine.

Kristin Thayer, who works in the Facebook developer network team, said, “The programme now has nearly 50 consultants in 15 countries. Over half of the new preferred developer consultants have international operations and have already built campaigns, community portals and other social applications in countries like Israel, Lithuania, and the Czech Republic.”

UK agencies added to the programme include 77 Agency, Gamaroff Digital, Nudge Social Media, Ralph and Techlightenment.

This story first appeared on newmediaage.co.uk


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