Facebook extends analytics data for plug-in users

Facebook has expanded its analytics tool to include information on other sites.

It now allows sites that have implemented Facebook’s social plug-in to see information on how they’ve affected traffic to their site.

Facebook has also expanded the data it discloses around the most popular pages, which it says will give people inspiration about the best ways to engage with “fans”. It has also started to provide demographic data, including age, gender, country and language.

Access to the data is free to the administrators of pages or websites that have implemented the plug-ins, such as “Like” buttons and recommendation or comment boxes.

Alex Himel, an engineer at Facebook, says on the Facebook Developers blog: “For the first time, you can now access real-time analytics to optimise Like buttons across both your site and on Facebook. We use anonymized data to show you the number of times people saw Like buttons, clicked Like buttons, saw Like stories on Facebook, and clicked Like stories to visit your website.”

Facebook is also allowing sites that don’t have social plug-ins to see how much of their content is being shared on the social network. Site owners can visit the Insights for Websites page, get access to the data for their site and view the ’organic’ shares they get by people posting links to stories on their updates and walls.

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