Facebook has made move to mainstream

Mark Ritson was bold to play devil’s advocate on the value of Facebook (MW last week) but has possibly misunderstood what it has become. It has long ceased to be ’cool’, making the rare leap to become part of the everyday lives of the masses.

A look at one of the (400 million) average user’s friend list is likely to include their mum, gran and mad aunt from the country. MySpace never achieved this and, as a result, once the cool kids moved on it was a lonely space.

Facebook isn’t about being cool anymore, it has become a medium that a huge amount of normal people interact with on a daily basis – a marketer’s dream.

One day something better will come along but I wouldn’t want to go grey waiting for it.

Jackie Wilson, marketing manager, Cathedral City (Dairy Crest)


Google takes on Groupon

Rosie Baker

Google is set to go head-to-head with Groupon by launching its own group buying site to cash in on the growing trend for social commerce.


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