Facebook launches “anti-social networking” application

A new “anti-social networking” application has been launched on Facebook that will allow users to cheat at Scrabble and insult friends. It has been launched to promote the film, How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

The application allows users to act like lead character Sidney Young, a journalist from the UK who goes to work in the US and becomes renowned for his bad manners and vulgar pranks. He is played by actor Simon Pegg.

Users can insult friends, deface profile pictures, tell people you intend to remove them, cheat at scrabble, give gifts such as I hate You balloons and add friend to a “crap friends” list.

Dan Light, head of interactive at PPC, says: “With the application, we’ve tried to envisage how the film’s protagonist, Sidney Young, would use Facebook – insulting the false friends he encounters and mocking the way the masses use Facebook, but also provide an engaging application for anyone to enjoy.”

The application is now live at http://apps.facebook.com/antisocialnetworking/index.php and the movie is released in UK cinemas from October 3.


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