Facebook launches “Connect” browsing service

Facebook has launched a new system that will allow users to browe other websites via the social-networking site. It says that it hopes the launch of the Connect service will make it more appealing to advertisers.

Connect allows Facebook members use their login details to access other websites. The first sites to have signed deals with Connect will be the Discovery Channel, social news site Digg, as well as video site Hulu.

The system will allow groups of virtual friends to view content on the external websites at the same time and then discuss the footage on Facebook. The sites a users visits will then be displayed on their profile.

Facebook says that enabling users to take their identity and friends with them around the Web, while ensuring that their privacy is protected will make it more open and connected.

The company says that it will vet all the sites that want to sign up to Connect and review what they will do with data gathered about members.

Kevin Rose, founder of Digg, says: “Facebook Connect will help us promote more conversations on Digg by giving Facebook’s 100 million users an opportunity to sign-in to Digg with their Facebook accounts and become part of the active Digg community. This allows both Facebook and Digg users to more easily share the content they care about with the people they care about.”


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