Facebook launches first TV ads in the UK

Facebook has launched its first TV ad campaign in the UK celebrating the ‘friendships’ forged on the platform.


The ad campaign features three TV spots highlighting different friendship groups. There are “Girl Friends”, people meeting for the first time on “Friend Requests” and groups having fun on “Our Friends”.

The campaign is coupled with outdoor advertising featured on billboards in the UK, which shows images of friendship groups with the title “friends” over the emotive pictures.

The campaign is consumer focused, with no coverage of its products apart from a mention of a “friend request” which is featured on the brand’s product.  A Facebook logo is placed at the end of every ad.

Previously, Facebook had only launched TV ads in the US in October 2012 and 2014.

According to data by Statista, Facebook had 31.4 million UK users in 2014 and will have 32.2 million users by 2015. This is higher than European counterparts such as France, which is predicted to have 23.4 million users in 2015.

The platform’s growth of monthly active users (MAU) is slowing according to its earning’s reports for 2014. In the company’s first financial quarter, MAU’s had grown by 15%, by the fourth quarter of the same year it has dropped to 13%.


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