Facebook measures ads’ level of social engagement

Facebook has launched a set of metrics that measure social engagement for paid ads.

Ads served to users on Facebook can also include whether any of their friends have connections with the brand. For example, an ad for Nike may include a sentence showing how many of a user’s friends ’like’ Nike on Facebook.

The metrics aim to help marketers understand what proportion of ads delivered include this social information.

Facebook claims ads that have a social context are more effective, saying users are more likely to click on an ad if their friends have already done so.

Research by Nielsen found that 68% of people are more likely to remember an ad and twice as likely to remember what it said if a friend had interacted with it first (nma.co.uk 21 April 2010).

Within the Facebook Ads Manager system, a new column headed ’Social %’ will show metrics based on four measurements: social impressions (ad impressions that include social endorsements), social clicks (number of clicks on ads that had social endorsements), social percent (percentage of total ad impressions with social endorsement) and social click-through rate (social clicks divided by social impressions).

In a blog post, Facebook said, “Just like offline friend recommendations, social endorsements make your ads more personally appealing and relevant, which can dramatically improve your ad’s performance.”

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